Save on Utilities

Financial Freedom in 2021! Take Action: Day 14

This morning, my husband remarked that our kids are all great at turning lights on yet can’t quite figure out how to turn them off. Another friend had a similar problem with finding her backdoor open throughout the day. She said she’d start charging the kids $1 each time the door was found open. On a podcast interview a few months ago, I heard a great story told by The Budgetnista about her dad’s utility pet peeve and what he did about it. On his daughter’s designated day to buy a treat from the ice cream truck, he told his young girl that he didn’t have any money for ice cream because the water man had come by just before the ice cream truck did. He had to give the water man her ice cream money to pay for the water she had let run for several minutes.

No matter your age or background, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve heard multiple complaints about water, electricity, and/or gas being wasted, potentially risking your family’s entire financial future. 😉

How much does it actually cost to leave a light or your TV on all night? What if you leave your cell phone plugged in after it’s fully charged or your freezer door open for a couple minutes while you ponder which ice cream flavor you’re craving most?

The answer is: Pennies.

How much does it cost when you keep the fridge door open?

These bad habits won’t break the bank, despite how often your dad may have yelled at you to shut the darn fridge before you let ALL the cold air out! Thanks to energy-saving appliances and light bulbs, our modern homes are costing less and less energy (and cash) to operate, but if you’re clinging to that “vintage” equipment, like an old stereo or TV, those will waste significantly more.

The biggest energy expense, though, is likely your air conditioning or heating, so it’s still ok for you to nag your kids about closing the back door. Check out these recommendations for keeping A/C costs down, and then read through the list below on additional ways to cut costs on electricity, cell phone service, TV streaming, and gas.

  • Get an energy audit. You can call your electricity-provider to analyze your specific home to determine where/how you can save energy and money.
  • Give away that old beer fridge in the garage. It likely sucks more energy than you think. Try moving all of your beverages inside and unplugging ye olde beer fridge for a month to see the savings. In our previous house, that one change decreased our bill by $50 per month! 😳
  • Break free of the old-school cell service contract. Try a more affordable month to month cell phone plan that operates on the same network as the big guys.
  • Eliminate bad gas… habits. 😊
  • Conduct a TV Analysis. Keep a record of all TV watched over a 2 week period. Which channels are the favorites? Which streaming service is accessed the most? Once you’ve tracked your family’s TV habits, get rid of everything not often accessed. If you’re hanging onto Netflix because there’s one show you want to binge watch, but you don’t use it much otherwise, then cancel the service. When you get a free weekend to consume all the seasons of that one show, borrow a friend’s access info or do the free trial (then set a reminder to cancel before the month is up).
  • Reduce water use. Cutting down the length of your shower by just 4 minutes can save 200-300 gallons per month. Converting to Energy Star appliances can save 20-30 gallons per wash cycle. (With an older appliance, avoid the permanent press cycle – it uses 5+ extra gallons.) Add aerators to your faucets to save around 20 gallons per day, and switch to low flow toilets to save a few gallons per flush.

Today’s action step is to look up and jot down what you spent on electricity, water, gas, cell service, and TV streaming in the months of Feb and March of 2020. Then, immediately start implementing the above changes to your utility usage. Finally, set a reminder in a few months to compare your bills from this year to last. Hopefully you’ll see a savings, and if you do, keep it up!

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