Our FI Journey…

Why Frugal with Four?

Find out why a 40 year old mom of 4 chose to begin a journey to financial independence, while vowing not to sacrifice the full life her family lived.

What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

There are obvious answers to the financial freedom question that speak to just about every individual in this country. Financial freedom means more … more time with family, more travel, more outings with friends, more buying power, and more control over your schedule. It also means less… less anxiety about money, less time at work,…

FIRE By 50… Starting at Age 40

Is it possible to overcome 40 years of bad habits to reach financial independence by age 50? I don’t know for sure, but I’ve made my to do list and checking things off. Only time will tell …

Money Dates

We’re big fans of monthly money dates to help us with constant communication about finances and regular opportunities to plan our future together.

Our First Rental Property Deal: The Challenges and Rewards

Just over two months ago, my husband and I bought our first rental property! Adding real estate investing to our portfolio is step #9 in our plan to reach FIRE by 50, so we are stoked that we were able to get started in the infamous year of 2020. I turned 41 this year; my…

About Me

Hi, I’m Heather. Previously an educator, I became a full-time mother and writer in 2017. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at Dripping with Kids Blog, but this blog is for my love of personal finance and an opportunity to share my journey to financial independence with you!

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