Frugal with Four Recommends…

Have you ever picked out a couple books at the library, plus downloaded a book from Audible, and saved a few articles to read from Facebook, only leaving yourself in a position of not knowing what to read first? I find myself in this predicament often and sometimes text a friend to just decide for me which to read and when.

This same predicament occurs when trying to learn new concepts or study something further. What do I read first? How do I choose the best books / podcasts / articles / blogs / apps? The struggle is real, and it usually leads to analysis paralysis, then inaction. Watching old episodes of Seinfeld becomes the path of least resistance… but it’s also the path of delayed progress.

Below is a list of personal finance learning tools that have been most helpful to me thus far, as well as a to-be-read list for the remainder of the year.


The following books (in this order … or not) have been very helpful in my financial independence journey thus far. Some have transformed my mindset; some have given practical advice; and some have taught me concepts that I had never even heard of before.


I had never even heard of financial independence before randomly deciding while on a walk a couple years ago that I should listen to a podcast instead of music. I attempted a true crime episode. Meh. I made it halfway through an interview of an inspiring woman devoted to her ministry. Good but nothing new. Then, somehow I stumbled upon How To Money with Matt and Joel. I was hooked! From then on, I searched only for money podcasts, and here’s a list of my faves:

  • How To Money
  • Bigger Pockets Money
  • Bigger Pockets Real Estate
  • Marriage, Kids, and Money
  • Mad Fientist


Several bloggers have had incredible impacts on the FI community, and many of their articles were written long before this movement even had a name. They were the pioneers and engineers of modern financial freedom.

Let’s build something together!

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